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Kelowna Suicide prevention Committee, which used to be called Kelowna Youth Suicide Prevention Committee, is formed by a group of local agencies who recognize the much needed work in suicide awareness, prevention, intervention and postvention. In the past few years, Kelowna Suicide Prevention Committee has organized an annual walk on September 10th (World Suicide Prevention Day) to create awareness and help remember those who died by suicide. A simple ceremony is followed after the walk to provide a time for survivors of suicide loss to remember their loved ones and to be with others who are also grieving a suicide death.

This local group organized a public forum last year and again this year. Visit our Events page for more information on the annual walk and the upcoming public forum.

Currently, Kelowna Suicide Prevention Committee is formed by the following local agencies:

Kelowna Child and Youth Mental Health
Kelowna Police Based Victim Services
Compassionate Friends
Kelowna Youth and Family Services
Metis Community Services Society of BC
Youth Lifesavers
Canadian Mental Health Association

We encourage other local agencies to join our team effort and help create a suicide safer community. Please contact info@suicideawareness.ca to express your interest.

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