Okanagan Men’s Shed

The objective of Men’s Shed is to advance the health and well being of members, to encourage involvement, prevent social isolation.

Offers an inclusive group which reflects the ideas and goals of the participating men. Increases men’s well-being by fostering social connections and increasing self-esteem through participation in meaningful community projects, group projects or personal tasks. Creates a safe place for men to network with others of like mind and interest. Effective in helping men combat isolation, share skills and feel valued. Provides a safe, busy environment where men can gather in an atmosphere of old-fashioned friendship.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream…” C.S. Lewis

Men don’t talk about feelings and problems. As a result men are less healthy, drink more, take more risks, suffer from isolation, loneliness and depression. How many men have heard the words ”Why don’t you go our and do something” uttered by a spouse, a daughter or a caring friend?

Men’s Sheds are characterized as ‘men working together, should to shoulder’. May be an answer for some men; retirees, recently divorces or widowed.

A Shed is not a building but a network of relationships between the ‘shedders’ or ‘members’. A Shed is a safe, friendly, healing environment for men to work on meaningful projects in the company of other men.

Studies in Australia found a strong connection between isolation, male culture, and health issues. Several studies have identified a higher than average incidence of depression and suicide among males of differing economic, age and cultural backgrounds. Similar patterns are apparent in Canada.

Concerns can be minimized in the informal environment provided by community based ‘sheds’ enabling connections and an improved sense of value and self-worth in the participants. Research suggests that older adults who remain socially active and participate in their community maintain their mental and physical health longer.

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Phone: (250) 717-1575
Email: okmshed12@gmail.com