Survivor Support

Survivors of suicide loss need support

The Okanagan Suicide Awareness Society support group is a place where we come together with no shame, and help each other heal the wounds of untimely deaths.

Survivors often experience shared themes as they move through the grieving process. A supportive environment offers survivors the freedom to share, knowing that they are not alone.

The magnitude of the pain and grief of a suicide loss is beyond what one can comprehend. The sense of guilt , the sense of abandonment, and the sense of shame are just a few of the many complex emotions with which each survivor will come face to face. The long term stigma and taboos which are closely associated with suicide do not make the healing journey any easier. In fact, our silence makes it really difficult for survivors to move along in their healing and feel supported by others who may also be grieving a suicide loss.

OSAS recognizes both the need for survivor support and the shortage of any current support resources.

We have launched SOLOS Okanagan – “Surviving Our Loved One’s Suicide”. This is a private, members-only community on Facebook. Only those belonging to the group can see the posts of other members.

HOW TO JOIN: Visit our Facebook link.

If you do not have a Facebook account, you must create one and then log in to your account. When you visit the above link, click on the ‘join group’ button on the top right hand corner of the page. This will send our moderator a notice and she will add you to the group as soon as possible.